CIP isolated and non-isolated cylindrical tanks of suitable volumes
   and with all necessary accessories,
  heat exchangers with an automatic temperature control,
  CIP pumps,
  control board with PLC and touch screen display  for  cleaning
   processes performance and supervision  -  an integral  system of
   CIP products (concentrates) automatic feeding,
  Ph value and temperature control.

Basic specifications:

monobloc unit placed on a pedestal
possibility of an automatic concentrates feeding
mixing of cleaning concentrates with water, provided by means of
  a pressure pump and recovery pipeline
concentration and temperature control of the recovered products
possibility of CIP CIP
possibility of CIP product flow control by means of a flow meter
  and a converter 
rinsing water collection and storage till the next cycle
pipeline connections with corresponding fittings
Automatic CIP with PLC commander
Semiautomatic CIP
Manual CIP
Single line CIP
Multi line CIP



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